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Highlights from this blog’s many years and posts.

Dangerous supplement

Rousseau hates writing, civilization, and masturbation/fantasy, because they are the dangerous supplements to speech, nature and “real” sex. Derrida deconstructs this and shows how a supplement both adds on to and takes the place of the “original.” So, therefore, Rousseau pines for these “original” states (speech, nature, “real” sex), but because they are never complete, they are always marked by the absence he hates so much about the “inauthentic” sides of the binary (writing, civilization, and masturbation/fantasy), and therefore he will never attain them (“them” being what he thinks they are). Continue reading


On strangers

I don’t like strangers. I just don’t. It’s not the individuals I don’t like, but rather strangers as a class. All these extraverts, or faux-extraverts, or whatever, I watch them together, socializing in large groups, and think about how ridiculous they look. Continue reading

On the spectacle and/of Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption‘s Grand American Traveling Dime Museum
Theater For The New City, NYC, 9/13/06

“A bracing curative for the afflictions of our times”

Circus Contraption opened with a bang—a spectacle-bang. The translucent curtain covering the band was yanked away dramatically, dragged across the floor by unseen hands/tools, and a massive billowing of smoke was released. Simultaneously, the decorated band plunged into the first musical number, a beautifully dissonant arrangement. The ringmaster began his seduction… Continue reading

Porn chic for women and girls

Two articles I found today irked my feminist sensibilities, which I don’t think are terribly unreasonable.

Fashion Aims Young
by Ruth La Ferla, 8/24/06

“Today designers and retailers are training their sights on even younger consumers, girls roughly 4 to 9, diminutive in stature but with great big eyes for style. Continue reading

Nasty dreams (it’s all relative)

I told Kurt I’d had a nasty dream last night. “Me too,” he said, and proceeded to tell me about his, which involved him starting grad school again and having to live in a studio apartment with his wife and kid, trying to finagle living space and study-time and bed-time with all these factors. Continue reading

The Clash: “I’m Not Down” and “Revolution Rock”

(I’m on a quest to get my mom into The Clash, because she missed them the first time round. This was an email to her, with the attached songs. I did this before with “The Card Cheat.”) Continue reading

Riding a bike in Ohio

Tonight I went for a bike ride, got kind of lost, ended up a lot of miles outside of town, going in what I thought was the right direction but was actually the opposite-of-right direction. And do you know, those fields just go on and on, and there’s no indication of where you are, or in which direction you’re going, unless you can tell by the setting sun, which is how I noticed I was going in the wrong direction. Continue reading