You think too much

I’ve grown to hate it when people tell me that I think too much. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with thinking a lot, only in that anything in extreme is probably not good for you.

But really. Of all the things ruining our society, I kind of doubt that thinking too much is one of them. On the contrary, I think that most people don’t think enough, which arguably is a lot more dangerous.

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One response to “You think too much

  1. I get that a lot too, and I’m never sure what to answer. What are they really feeling when they say that? Are they threatened or confused or…? I am what I am, and believe that I they think I think too much because I am trying to piece things together when I don’t have enough information. (For example: a significant other says they’re going to call you that night – they don’t so you begin to think ‘maybe they’re in an accident’, ‘they probably feel smothered by my calls’, etc etc etc.).

    sigh – does any of that sound familiar?

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