The music of Circus Contraption

I am listening to the soundtrack to Circus Contraption‘s “Grand American Traveling Dime Museum” (1 l, I keep repeating to myself, 1 l, not 2). It makes me want to run away and join the circus. Oh yes. But not just any circus. Oh no. THEIR circus. The most brilliant and beautiful and spectacley circus ever. And they are contemporary—it’s rare for me to love anything contemporary. Could this mark a new beginning for me? (“Means to a beginning”?)

It’s difficult to be listening to them on headphones at a coffeeshop, when all I can do is bop my head and sway my upper body a bit; when I want to do is jump around, making interpretive dance with my contortionist body. “Red Noodle” in particular—when I am alone I cannot help but leap to my feet when it comes on.

They lift my spirits, they cure what ails me. “A bracing curative for the afflictions of our times,” they say. I must agree.

I wrote something on this show before: On the spectacle and/of Circus Contraption

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