On returning to Providence

Providence is “at my fingertips,” at my disposal. It is mine. Again. I am reclaiming it. For who? For me! Just me. I am not enough to cause nor halt gentrification and all the bad/good/change that may go along with it. I prefer to do neither, instead just exist, just live in my no-longer-so-humble hometown. It can be mine again. But not all of it. No—I don’t want those new Starbuck’s.

Waterplace Park, Providence #2 Waterplace Park, Providence #1

They are constructing 4 new high-rises in Providence. (Plus the new one that’s not-so-high.) This is especially drastic when you consider that 4 is approximately the number of buildings in the skyline currently, and that is if you are being generous about what height of building is skyline-worthy.

360 degrees of Providence (from Waterplace Park)

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