Ben Elton is a genius

Quotes from This Other Eden, one of British comedian-turned-novelist Ben Elton‘s early novels, which I just finished. (I’m useless at writing reviews sometimes, when something blows me away so much, as Ben Elton frequently [i.e., always] does. It’s weird how something can be so absurd yet so captivating.)

“Everything is fascinating when you should be working.”

“Plastic quoted Nathan with such withering sarcasm that all the pot plants died.”

“Max had to make a career decision. This woman had just tried to murder the most powerful producer in the world, a producer for whom Max very much wanted to work. On the other hand, this same woman was very attractive indeed, and her announcement of execution had contained some extremely valid points. What to do?”

“‘I’m a screenwriter,’ said Nathan, ‘and I thought I didn’t love my wife but then she left me and it turned out that I did love her after all. Actually, you and I met at Plastic Tolstoy’s, when you tried to kill him and had to hide in the rain forest, but you probably don’t remember.’”

“One of the few genuine perks of being a member of an oppressed minority is that you can choose when and when not to play the card. One minute, objecting to being defined by one’s religion, race or whichever orifice you choose to take it up. Then the next minute, claiming special debating rights at dinner parties with the very same grounds. Sometimes this trick can actually be pulled off in the space of a single sentence.
“‘As a Bhuddist cat-shagger, I deeply resent the way you seem to constantly categorise people by their religion or sexuality.’” (261)

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