A bad excuse

My 14-year-old, male housemate came into my rooms while I was at work and took a DVD and computer speakers. He attempted to justify this by saying he had girls over, and that I should be able to relate, because I had to woo girls just like he did.


5 responses to “A bad excuse

  1. 14-year-old male housemate

    haha, fuck you.

  2. The Wood Nymph

    Dearest Vee,
    I strongly encourage you to point out to said housemate that, although you “have to woo girls just like he does,” you manage to do it without the aid of such superficially entertaining items as DVDs and computer speakers. Before girls visit his house, he should be spending time in his own room learning how to be witty and engaging for company. I have been learning how to speak impressively to guests–by studying your blog, in fact.

    A Girl

  3. thank you, wood nymph, for your comment! i think you are absolutely spot-on, and plan to pass along the message. i’m glad you study my blog for impressive-speak; it should be required reading for every practising wit.

  4. I agree with the Wood Nymph. I’ve only been successfully woo-ed by those who have accumulated their wit with their own internal resources.

    If “superficial entertainment” is needed, they use their resources to get a job, or get money from their parents so that these purchases can be made and thereby not invading other’s privacy or stealing for their own gain.

    I must say that there was only ever one 14 year-old male that ever woo-ed me….. and he had to work his ass off!

    Another Girl

  5. thank you pseudonor, and apologies for the delayed response. i agree with your ideas wholeheartedly, and i must say i am curious about the 14-year-old that successfully woo’d you.

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