June 29 in pictures and video

It was a night like any other. An impromptu dinner party in the wee village of Yellow Springs, Ohio. In attendance were various coworkers and colleagues, friends and fiances. Lots of food, lots of beer, lots of laughter, lots of silly dances. As the night wore on, as the company dwindled and defected, things got a little somber—for some of us. For some of us, we never let an opportunity to mug my new cameravideophone pass.

Pictures. Click on the thumbnail to view image and information.

Bambu #1 Tony Bambu #2 Robert

Video. Very short and poor quality, which means quick load time! Click on the thumbnail to view video and information.

Tony dances, Bambu points, Matt rambles Tony dances Vee dances Bambu dances


2 responses to “June 29 in pictures and video

  1. I love the poster you made for Saunder’s Day Bash. You should send it to her and let her know that you made a day for her, maybe you can even invite her to be in one of your plays, or do you a comedy duo with her . . .

  2. aw, thank you, anon! :)
    i should let her know, somehow…
    ah, what fantasy you have, it nearly rivals my own, lol

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