On accessible theorizing

It is as though we are stuck on a level of understanding that is comparable to everyone else’s level, and yet just alien enough to be indecipherable. To reach a common ground is a task that requires so much more mindful/effort/awareness than the act of simply writing, or the act of simply reading, or interpreting, or deconstructing, or whatever.

To attempt to meet someone, halfway, quarterway, threequarterway, demands an understanding of one’s own position as well as an empathy of the other person’s—in equal parts. Is this achievable? Applicable? Desirable? The more levels you ascend, the more important it becomes to identify with all levels, forgetting not where you came from nor where you aspire to be.

To straddle the boundaries that divide communicability and understandability is one of the best victories you can win for (hu)mankind (to paraphrase Horace Mann like a good little Antiochian—alum, no less). To allow people of all stripes a glimpse into the lives and thought processes and theorizing/survival strategies of others, when they may not have known those others existed. Or at least could not conceive of them. To conceive, to gain or strengthen a predisposition, is necessary. Without that is when alienation occurs.

I only partly know what this, or all of this, or any of this, means. (I would say “half know” only I cannot conceive where “understanding” would end.) I am just learning that that is ok. In other words, the more I learn, the less importance I place on “knowing” anything.


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