A funny story about Derrida, Nietzsche, and Foucault

I told Jabari about Derrida’s thing with reversing binaries, flipping the primary-secondary dichotomy before attempting to dismantle it. He sat in silence for a moment, contemplating. An interesting state achieved after the rest of the day, filled with loud outdoor political theater, laughter, conversation, and, just prior to this, a bit of booze.

I was excited to find a theory buddy. “Look!” I yelled to Rachel, in the next room. “He’s thinking!”

“As Nietzsche said…” Jabari began to say.

I laughed. “Rachel! He mentioned Nietzsche!”

“Oh God!” Rachel replied. “Don’t enable her!”

Jabari cited Nietzsche’s Beyond Good And Evil that you can flip good and evil and evil becomes good and vice versa, because it’s really all about power. I mentioned Foucault and Rachel dragged us out to the post-show party to shut us up.

(Kurt saw the title of this post and said, “Maybe this is why no one reads your blog.)


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