Reaping the benefits of my wage labor

I was at the Emporium this morning and Bali got a chocolate croissant. She offered me a bite and as I took one I realized, I made this croissant. (I was on closing shift the night before.)

I said how nice it was to reap the benefits of my wage labor. “Oh God,” she replied.

“No really! You know the alienation effect of a capitalist system, separating the worker from the production—”

“It’s 10 in the morning! It’s too early for philosophy!”

I argued that I wasn’t talking philosophy, I was talking politics, even if there is an overlap, even if Marx was technically a philosopher, but she’s a philosophy major (a recent graduate, as in this past weekend, like me), so for her everything is philosophy, like for me everything is politics, so that was pointless.


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