Antioch Record Senior Profile on Yours Truly

Senior Profile
interview by Viktor Maco
The Antioch Record, February 9, 2006

The Record: When was your first term at Antioch?

Vee: Fall ’02.

The Record: Where did you live?

Vee: I lived in Bell 7 up on the right across from George and Kyle.

The Record: I’m sorry. What were you into that term?

Vee: I entered not intending to be even remotely social. Being social distracts me from other things. I came here four years out of [high] school so I had to get into work mode again.

The Record: Who forced you to come out of your little cocoon?

Vee: Carl [Reeverts] forced me to be social and so I was more consistently social than I have ever been.

The Record: Yay. What’d you think when Presidents died?

Vee: I am a child of Presidents. I grew up in Presidents, I lived there the whole time and grew fond of it. Plus I could live there ok as far as health issues.

The Record: You mean like mold?

Vee: Yeah.

The Record: What about the toxic poo fiasco in Black and Fess.

Vee: I missed the toxic poo. It happened before I got here. Wait, that should be the tagline to this interview.

The Record: Ah… sure. Do you wanna talk about your Senior Project?

Vee: Sure, I am a theatre major so I am doing a production-based SP. It is a ten-minute play that I wrote almost a year ago. I am developing it into a one-act and then directing it.

The Record: Could you paraphase it?

Vee: Of course, it’s a slice-of-life story with socio-political commentary done in Brechtian/Meisneresque realism.

The Record: Oooooooooh…

Vee: Yes, that is tongue-in-cheek pompousness but it is true. It’s about a girl who works in a coffee shop and she hates her job and lot in life. She complains about it and tries to get out of it equally. I have seven wonderful actors. It’s gonna be great.

The Record: Like Frosted Flakes(TM). OK, rapping up, what’s the worst thing about Antioch.

Vee: I’d say the lack of support for my health problems. I’ve already had to move off campus and not eat at the caf because it makes me sick. The thing is, I can’t do these things financially.

The Record: Drag. What’s the best thing?

Vee: The connections I’ve made with faculty and staff particularly. That’s a big part of what’s kept me coming back.

The Record: ‘Choo said it man. Anything else?

Vee: I would like to say that I am not a bitter fourth year and therefore people should feel free to talk about Antioch with me. I won’t be bitter and I’ll tell the truth. It hasn’t been perfect but Antioch’s been good to me and I’ve been good to it.

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