assignment for Social Psychology

Who Am I? Write 20 different statements in response to the question “Who Am I?” “I am…”

1. a feminist comedian- and no, that’s not a contradiction in terms.
2. madly in love with Jennifer Saunders.
3. in support of a united Ireland.
4. from the beautiful city of Providence, Rhode Island.
5. a big fan of The Clash, and an even bigger fan of The Decemberists.
6. a blogger, blog-reader, voyeur, introvert, and verbal exhibitionist.
7. an Internet nerd (since 1995).
8. cynical- as in “cynic” meaning a pessimistic idealist.
9. a communist at heart.
10. obsessed with photos of myself.
11. a Taurus, though I’m not entirely sure what that means.
12. fascinated with carnivals, by which I mean the hey-day of the American traveling carnival.
13. a three-time survivor of sexual assault.
14. a three-time survivor of internships.
15. a two-year Americorps alum.
16. usually called “creative” on recommendations/references.
17. a high-school drop-out.
18. a former pot-head, by which I mean high all day, every day, before bed, etc.
19. perpetually struggling with mental and physical illness.
20. a descendant of Benedict Arnold.


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