my last term at Antioch begins tomorrow

Registered for classes today:

  • Theatre 462 – Senior Project In Theatre
  • Theatre 396 – The Comic Duo: Theory & Practice (Joint Independent Study with my comedy partner)
  • Women’s Studies 301 – Feminist Theories
  • SSC 262 – Social Psychology

This term I will:

  • Do Work Study in the Theatre as usual: Assistant Technical Director/House Manager/”Super-FWSP”
  • Do Open Stage again; Jill will be running a lot of it; not sure of the dates yet, the first will probably be Feb. 3.
  • Direct The Vagina Monologues, which will go up Feb. 22.
  • Write and direct a one-act play for my senior project.
  • Decide where I’m going after graduation in a timely fashion. Present options include: Providence, New York, San Francisco, LA, Amsterdam.

Let’s see, what else:

  • Moved back into dorms.
  • Got a mini-fridge.
  • Had to eat the rest of the ice cream because the tub wouldn’t fit in said mini-fridge.
  • The gaping holes where teeth once were on both sides of my mouth is a bit unnverving. On one side it’s just frightening.
  • It’s still weird to me that I have friends. Plural.
  • Insomnia for a week. Tired.

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