New Year’s Resolutions, Belated (A Work In Progress)

1. to move only once
2. to have Jennifer Saunders’ babies
3. to write/journal/document/analyze compulsively more- but not beyond the point of contributing to my growth as an individual to the point of being unhealthy, pathological, neurotic, etc.
4. to not once be more hungover than I was drunk
5. to continue my somewhat successful path to well-being
6. to be more aware of moments
7. to get out of my head more
8. to have more ritualized “quiet/’me'” moments
9. to understand better the effects of socialization on people (and on myself) thereby being more tolerant of them (and of myself)
10. to write creatively more and better
11. to redefine and resolidify my online presence
12. to be influenced and inspired by my surroundings/ to surround myself with influences and inspiration
13. to stay in touch with people better
14. to be more like Henry Rollins


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