the Kids on Comedy and the Biz

“I was by no means the funniest of my brothers; my oldest brother was way funnier than me—but probably not as damaged, which makes me a comedian rather than just a funny person, you know? Next life, I just want to be a funny person who does something else, like a blacksmith who’s funny on the side.”
—Scott Thompson

“I ended up holding the hand above my head to watch the blood all drip down—it was like an early performance art except it was funny.”
—Scott Thompson

“Nothing ever happens really fast, that’s the weird thing. Everything happens at such a rate that by the time it actually happens, you’re so frustrated with getting there that it all seems normal. That’s how show business works—you never actually get a moment of excitement.”
—Dave Foley

One response to “the Kids on Comedy and the Biz

  1. Jill Summerville

    Comedy is my all-consuming passion. I am discovereing, quite suddenly and painfully, that I need to make comedy in order to be wholly engaged in my life. I dream of small theatres and free shows that eventually gain an audience. I dream of having more energy than a human being is meant to possess, despite living on Ramen noodles. In short, I dream of making sketch comedy, fueled by quotes from the Alternative gods and their offspring…and oh how I miss you, blog goddess, the Dave Foley to my Kevin McDonald.

    Yours in laughter,

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