people theatre #2: connections

I imagine people who act or direct regularly and connections they make with other actors or directors. As a mostly backstage worker in the past- there’s a connection but it’s different, it’s much less- I don’t know- visceral. Do these connections last? Or do they fade away and become awkward nostalgia, like so many personal connections do with time and distance? How depressing. I am never moving again. Well, eventually.

Do these connections bleed something into us internally, forever effecting our character, our personality, or at least our social self, our perspective? What will my connections from this show become? Will they morph into something else? Can friendships such as these last? Can spiritual siblinghood endure? Does it want to? Do I want it to? How much more cryptic and annoying can I be with this endless stream of questions? Should I rename my blog to indicate said endless steam of questions? Would that inspire me to think of answers? Or just more questions?


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