theatre people and people theatre

The only thing that’s really been going on with me lately is theatre. Theatre, theatre, and more theatre. Pity, because now that I’ve actually got a bit of a holiday, it’s the last bloody thing I want to think about. So, really, what else can I say but that?

It’s not that I’m sick of it, mind you. It’s just exhausting. It’s the people thing, mainly. (Plus the theory thing, but that’s another post entirely.) I’m too much of an introvert. I disappear a lot. To recharge. I’ve been used to being able to disappear whenever I wanted to. It’s one freedom I always made sure I had. But now… It’s still there, I suppose, just not so readily accessible. And even when I leave, my mind doesn’t. It’s the last thing I want to think about, yet it’s the only thing I can think about. Theatre. And people. Theatre, people, and more people.

The weekend before last saw me as the lead role of “Spinning Into Butter” by Rebecca Gilman. (They’re making a movie out of it; Sarah Jessica Parker will play my role; I don’t know how I feel about that; well actually I do but since it’s not nice I won’t say it.) Then the Open Stage Variety Show and particularly a sketch that me and Jill as The Pathological Upstagers performed took over the following week. Plus there’s a plan for an additional Open Stage event, the last week of class, in another space on campus, as a collaboration between the theatre (well, me) and the Dean of Students and Wellness departments. The show I’m stage-managing is in full-swing-mode. And tomorrow I’m meeting with a fellow student who’s putting on The Vagina Monologues next term; I’m directing it. And I must start thinking more about my senior project soon. My advisor returns from Africa next week, we’re supposedly having a meeting about it.

So yea. Theatre.


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