quotes I plan to ponder scribally soon

“Salt, sweat, noise, smell: the theatre that’s not in the theatre, the theatre on carts, on wagons, on trestles, audiences standing, drinking, sitting round tables, audiences joining in, answering back: theatre in back rooms, upstairs rooms, barns: the one-night stands, the torn sheet pinned up across the hall, the battered screen to conceal the quick chnages- that one generic term, theatre, covered all this and the sparkling chandeliers too.”
– -Peter Brook, “The Rough Theatre”

“When Brecht talks of actors understanding their function, he never imagined that all could be achieved by analysis and discussion. The theatre is not the classroom…. The quality of the work done in any rehearsal comes entirely from the creativity of the working climate- and creativity cannot be brought into being by explanations… Brecht recognized this and in his last years he surprised his associates by saying that the theatre must be naive. With this word he was not reneging his life’s work: he was pointing out that the action of putting together a play is always a form of playing, that watching a play is playing: he spoke disconcertingly of elegance and entertainment. It is not by chance that in many languages the word for a play and to play is the same.”
– -Peter Brook, “The Rough Theatre”

“The function of the image, as Gogol said, is to express life itself, not ideas or arguments about life.”
– -Andrey Tarkovsky, “Sculpting In Time”

“Works of art are, as it were, formed by organic process; whether good or bad, they are living organisms with their own circulatory system which must not be disturbed.”
– -Andrey Tarkovsky, “Sculpting In Time”


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