Awkward-style comedy

I met Jill for some improv—we messed around with our idea which involved her being in her wheelchair at a bus stop and my reaction to it. Really utterly brilliantly un-PC and extremely awkward.

I was saying how I wasn’t really into awkward comedy, a la “The Office” (original British one). I mean I’ve grown to love the show, but it took a while and I still can only deal with it on certain days and for certain lengths and time, and my favorite bits rarely involve Ricky Gervais’ character—as talented as he is, and I’m not saying he’s not, it’s more to do with my own discomfort at that style of comedy.

And yet here we are making it. But there’s a difference—because there’s a point. A social/political point. It’s not that we are making people uncomfortable for no reason, but rather their comfort level is a result of their reaction to the piece—therefore, people who “get it” more will feel less awkward and will be able to genuinely laugh at its absurdity. It’s those who don’t get it and particularly those who hide behind political correctness that will really squirm—and, hopefully, think.

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