more fun from alt.british.comedy

from alt.british.comedy

“They won’t. It was a product of the 70s when racism was accepted by many, wife beating was the woman’s fault and institutionalised homophobia was all the rage.

“Thank goodness we’ve grown up.”

I really hope that last line is sarcastic, but I honestly can’t tell. Dry British humor is even more difficult when written.

A response to that was:

“Why is it ‘cool’ for people like the Kumars to poke fun at the British, but uncool for us to laugh at anyone else ? Are we, the brits, not a race ? if not, then what category do we fall into that allows someone to be racist against us ? I’m not racist, I just prefer equality. There seems to be a lack of it these days, and I for one feel in the minority group.
“Why is there no standard bearers fighting for our cause ?
“Comedy, and the BBC seems to be stuck in a rut between Britophobic &

I guess he’s never heard of postmodernism and identity politics.

This must be the mentality that spawned the Yorkie chocolate bar ads- oh, woe is the straight white bourgeois male, look, isn’t he oppressed!

Another response to the first post, and my personal favorite:

“Leave the UK to it’s politically-correct, homo-pervert-lov ing, anti-family, anti-white, criminal-adoring,over-liberal Bliar govt.

Let it fill up to the brim with disease ridden, non-English speaking parasites … all with their hands held out in expectation.

…. then, the rest rest of us (who HAVE contribute d, all our working lives) … will leave in droves, with what’s left of our over-taxed , hard-earned savings … as we are doing now.

In ten years time, there’ll be nobody left here that’s stupid enough to work & be taxed to the hilt to keep a MAJORITY o f iliterate, unskilled, feckless parasites.

‘Homosexuality is a chosen, criminal, sick perversion. A.I.D.S is the perfect cure’.”

Maybe s/he’s right. Maybe bringing back Thatcher is a solution to all these new-fangled hippie-liberal ideas…

Or el se s/he should move to the States and join the half of us that share a similar mentality. (I think it’s about time Brits get to say to other Brits: “If you don’t like it, leave.”) Hey, at least we don’t have nationalized health care to take care of th e pa rasites, s/he should appreciate that.


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