One With The Earth

She walks through town in her modest, second-hand clothes. She has bought some food from the local market that she will eat for lunch. The food is vegan, was locally made and packaged by the market in plastic containers which she will reuse. She carries them in a paper bag she will also reuse, as a trash bag most likely. Or she might just recycle it. She will take home the receipt because her housemate makes notepads out of them.

She looks for a place to eat. She finds it in a bench outside, a bench shaded by an overlapping tree. She sits and enjoys her meal with plastic utensils she will also reuse.

When she finishes, she goes into a local shop to dispose properly of the plastic-wrap that held the utensils.

She gathers up everything else in her paper bag, including the napkin from the packaged utensil set she didn’t use, and drives the quarter-mile back to her house.


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