Henry “the Neck” Rollins

People bother me sometimes.

I was watching my Henry Rollins Live At Luna Park DVD, and he said: “Who’s that?”

“Henry Rollins.”

“Oh?… The neck.”


“He does stand-up?”

“Spoken word.”

“It looks like stand-up.”

I didn’t respond. He watched in silence for maybe 3 seconds.

“He should have stuck with Black Flag,” all flippant and sarcastic.

I really wanted to bitch him out. I mean dude, what the fuck. Give the guy a chance.

But mostly it was this defensiveness I get about certain artists/entertainers I really admire. Because, when someone doesn’t like them, it’s kind of a personal insult to me.

For example, the kid I knew who whenever I mentioned the Kids In The Hall, he’d say, “I HATE the Kids In The Hall” with such passion. And then he said the same thing about the Upright Citizens Brigade. Aside from this I really like the guy, but there’s something about that that I can never get over (particularly about the UCB, who I know personally). I don’t think I’d feel different if someone told me they hated a certain part of my personality or something.


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