Brits are funny

from alt.british.comedy

“It is the height of fashion in media circles to take the piss out of poor people like Vicky Pollard and chavs. I want to see a rennaisance in comedy where Jews are lampooned for a change instead of being constantly presented with Jewish comedians like Matt Lucas and Ali G cruelly lampooning the poor and unintelligent, themes which might go down really well in the kosher corridors of media power but do not necessarily have such a great impact on the streets of Britain. […] The Jewish influence on our media is only too apparant and so all encompassing that no one questions this bias. In fact, far from being ‘hideously white’ the British media could just as easily be described as being hideously jewish.”

Is it just me or is this slightly hypocritical?
Not that Brits are known for their political awareness…
(And yes, I’m saying this from experience.)
At least this guy’s trying, seeing that bigotry against SOME populations is fucked up.

(check the link for further discussion and a “study” on the subject.)


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