My Personality- For Personality Psychology

3 words to describe my personality:

1. funny (hopefully!)
2. moody/volatile
3. compulsive/obsessive

Ok so that’s technically more than 3. I have problems with being succinct. I like adjectives a lot

Anyway. What others said:

1. unpredictable
2. focused
3. generous
4. ballsy
5. nostalgic
– friend of 4 years ()

1. perceptive
2. thoughtful
3. funny
friend of 3 years

1. focused
2. self-aware
3. extroverted-introvert
– friend of 2 years ()

1. fiesty
2. aggressive
3. compelling
friend of 2 years

I find most of these descriptions to be quite similar, semantics notwithstanding. For example, “unpredictable” is the nice way of saying my own “moody/volatile”; two people putting “focused” to me represents more my own “compulsive/obsessive”; “ballsy” is “aggressive”; “thoughtful” is a sibling to “nostalgic”. The semantic differences might come as a result of me knowing in a more intimate way how my mind works and its patterns (see “self-aware”) as well as my willingness to be harsher on myself.

My personality is a combination of all of these things; none of them are wrong. Like all of us, I am a complex individual, and therefore just three descriptions or descriptions from just myself or from just others cannot begin to encompass the mystery that is me. I like to refer to myself as a Walking Contradiction. I am surprised these descriptions are as alike as they are. I kind of expected one person to say “predictable” and another to say “unpredictable”. I am also surprised, and a bit bummed, that more people did not say “funny”.


After the fact, one of my best friends (of 3 years):

oh, man! is it too late to do this for your assignment? would you just like to hear for your own curiousity anyway?

let’s see……

i think that you are confident.
i think that you have high expectations, so what’s a word for that?
uh, demanding? no. … . . . so i just thesaurussed it and found BOLD, which really isn’t what i mean by demanding or having high expectations, but i do believe that it fits your personality.
i also think that you are ambitious.

you have drive, motivation

you are one of those people that i look at and say ‘damn, she really has her shit together. i wish i could be like her.’

feel free to rub that in people’s faces if it pleases you ;-)


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