How We Get Into Things

I’m interested in how people get into music, film, TV, theatre, books, etc. Often (especially if it’s obscure) there is a story behind it, or a memory, or a string of other things.

For example, lately I’ve been listening to Rip Rig & Panic a lot (one of Neneh Cherry‘s pre-solo groups). I first heard them in an episode of “The Young Ones”; it was one of the two performances of the show that I really dug (the other being Amazulu).

…I got into “The Young Ones” as a natural progression in my path towards British comedy dorkdom- I’d been hearing about the show for a long-ass time until finally my good friend lent me (for what turned into a lot of years) the box-set.

…I got into British comedy first through “Absolutely Fabulous”. When I got cable in 1998, I watched Comedy Central constantly, that was when the channel aired three episodes of “AbFab” every Saturday (or was it Sunday?) from 4-6pm.

…How I got into comedy… that I’ll have to think about.

Tell me one of yours, please! :)

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