“And That’s Work Worth Doing”

I registered for classes today. 19 credits.

THEA340: Directing Seminar: John Fleming
THEA310: Approaches To Acting II: Sheila Ramsey
THEA349: Rehearsal & Performance II: Sheila Ramsey
THEA200: Theatre Participation: which will involve teach-assisting Autoperformance, taught by my advisor, Louise Smith
SSC245: Personality: Chris Smith (no relation)
Weight Training

And as usual, I’m doing Work Study in the theatre. My official title this term is Assistant Technical Director. Spiffy! It probably won’t change much of what I actually do, it’s more just recognition of my abilities. Which is nice.

I will be using many of my Work Study hours to run an open mic night in the Experimental Theatre, every other Friday starting in October. I’ll be posting the specifics once I’ve drafted up actual press materials. But if you’re interested in helping out with it, let me know!

Senior check last week revealed I am on the path to graduation- shockingly. Next term will be my last term after all, and even then I’ll only have to pass 9 credits (though I’ll need to be registered for 12). I have a much different outlook on my studies now, being able to see the end- not to mention my recent thoughts about grad school.

That’s right, I said grad school. Weird, eh? It’s the one thing I knew I wasn’t going to do when I finished up here. But alas, things change. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, which was what I was going for. But now I’m thinking, maybe I want to be a master. Surely there’s enough room in my brain to be a jack-of-many-trades-master-of-one. And because of all the grants and scholarships, I’ll get out of here relatively unscathed, loan-wise. So I thought it’s at least worth a gander. Imagine that: me going for an MFA!

Not to mention, on a more fantasy-minded level, all the good comedy partnerships started in college, or on some other educational level. I’m not ready to give up on that story for myself just yet. ;)


I’m on Antioch’s web site as part of an interview I did for Admissions last year. Naturally, they completely misquoted me, but the gist is there:

“I couldn’t have gone to a school that was just school. I worked before I came here, so I know the value of experience. To me, education and work are inseparable; I wanted college to be a continual process of moving between them.

“And that’s what Antioch is all about. I did an independent study with my advisor, Louise Smith, while I was on co-op with the San Francisco Mime Troupe. I was running* a summer workshop that teaches the troupe’s style of theater, commedia dell’arte— Italian street theater. Louise and I set strict guidelines and goals; we were very specific about what I needed to learn and how it would apply to the rest of my work at Antioch. I ended up creating a one-act political melodrama with students in the class.

“I came back with a much more focused sense of why I’m performing. It’s a way to be a public intellectual—to put lofty academic and political ideas into words that people can understand. Even if you can’t inspire widespread change, you can connect with people. And that’s work worth doing.”

(* This is the only misquote I’ll correct: I didn’t run the bloody thing, I participated in it.)

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