Obsolete Kaycee Hates Cell Phones

Four of the five interns here at Dixon Place have blogs. Kaycee, the one that doesn’t, said:

“YESS!! I am the only non-nerd on the staff, wooo-hooo. I can’t even keep my cellphone charged. sorry. I also am really keen on VHS tapes. I prefer them to dvd’s.

“soon, the non-nerds will become the new nerds. no need to tell me. i already feel obsolete.

“just for the record since we’re putting this on the record. I think cell phones are going to bring about an new incarnation of thought about capital, we have social capital, financial capital, and soon we’ll have ‘air capital’. A telephone call means nothing and everything now that we have cell phones. I hate cell phones. i hate cell phones. i’m waiting for a girl to call me back and she’s not calling. i hate cell phones.”


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