Devil Sticks

The devil sticks I ordered online came in the mail today. They are sweet. They’re unlike other sets I’ve used, plus I’m wicked rusty, so it’ll take a while, but I look forward to being a devil-stick bad-ass once again. ;)

Yesterday I told Adny (the fellow intern) that I was waiting for them, and he laughed. “What!” I mean, I know they’re kinda cheesy, but come on. He told me how when he was in middle school in Bemidji Minnesota, they were really trendy for a while, and he reminisced about making and selling them and having hardcore juggling contests with his friends.

I don’t remember them being trendy, not really. He said maybe it was a Bemidji thing. I said that I did remember that, shortly after I started doing them, I saw them around more often, and that after about a year I couldn’t even buy them anymore. Which is how I got rusty. I had a propensity for breaking the control sticks, you see, and once my source ran out I had nothing. (The brand I started with, Spinmaster, doesn’t even make them anymore.)

And that during that one year, it must have been 1995, I introduced them to a friend of mine and she bought her own set. She would bring them to school and other kids would ask her where she got them. This being the hey-day of the “poser”, she’d say, “I’m not telling anyone that, because I don’t want people to copy me.” Anyone else see the irony?

Adny and I had fun yesterday goofing off. I inspired him to blog again but distracted him by dragging him into my Anthony Michael Hall obsession.


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