Rockin’ The Decemberists

Wearing what I’m pretty sure was the last Decemberists shirt of this particular type. Ordered it from their web site, got it in the mail today, got my mom to take a camera phone photo like the nerd I am.

It’s a great shirt. American Apparel. Who I like only that they need a little lesson in feminism and, maybe a bit more specifically, ecofeminism. Their questionably objectifying advertising aside, the shirt I’m wearing there is an extra large. In women’s. Let me repeat: a women’s extra large. Perhaps you can’t tell in the photo and if you don’t know me, but I am certainly not an extra large- medium at best- and yet that shirt fits me quite well. (And it will shrink.) Sketchy…

ETA (7/29): New information has led me to denounce American Apparel completely. Namely, this discussion.


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