Cute Little Queer Girl

Ah… Cute Little Queer Girl.

Cute Little Queer Girl wants you to know she’s queer.
But Cute Little Queer Girl doesn’t know how to say it yet.
Cute Little Queer Girl fancies you.
And she really wants you to know she’s queer.

You know the type. They beat around the bush.

Have you ever seen ‘The L Word’?
I just saw it for the first time.
They just kept talking about boys. It was awful.

‘High Art’ was so sad.
But it’s definitely one of my favorite movies.

Cute Little Queer Girl is very cute.
She tells you about the pink triangle sticker on her car.
She rocks the rainbow earrings because
she’s too girly to pass on her own.

Because she wants you to know.
She wants YOU to know.

Cute Little Queer Girl asks for your phone number.
You think it’s just platonic until she says:

I’ll call you the day after tomorrow.
I won’t call you tomorrow, I don’t want you to think I’m weird.

Now it’s out there. You know.
You always knew, but now she knows you know.
Well, she thinks you know.
She runs with it, because she’s not sure.
You let her, because Cute Little Queer Girl
is awfully cute when she’s nervous.

Yea, I’m bi. I’m not confused or anything.

I’ve been with a girl.
I didn’t like it that much
because I was really nervous and really drunk.
It’s too bad, because I know I’d really like it.

Cute Little Queer Girl is very cute.
You feel obligated to take her under your wing.
To show her the joys of being queer, to initiate her into the culture.

So you take her home.

Cute Little Queer Girl is very nervous.
She says she feels bad because she’s too drunk and inexperienced.
You feel like she’s used this line before, but that’s ok.
You comfort her:
“It’s ok, you don’t have to do anything.”

She immediately calms.
You take control.
She lets you, gladly.
She clutches the covers to her eyes.
You are suffocating, but that’s ok.
She lies back, loose.

Cute Little Queer Girl becomes a Woman,
and never calls you again.

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