Coffee In The UK / Election

If there’s one thing living in the UK has taught me, it’s not to be too picky about my coffee. Oh, sure, it’ll be grand to get back to the States so I can get my comfort drink proper again, but it’s nice to know just how adaptable I can be.

Paul says, “Milk is milk and coffee is coffee.”
Ha! The poor boy, if only he knew…


I’ve heard people are applying to emigrate out of the States in record numbers since fuckhead got reelected. I can only imagine how weird it is over there. Here, no one cares too much- and those that do, they got it out of their system by ragging on me the first few days. I understand; they had to take out their aggression/frustration, and I just happened to be the nearest American. My motto became- “I voted for KERRY in OHIO; I am not to blame, for anything!” (Considering, of course, that my absentee ballot went through ok… :P)


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