Last weekend, Joe (the new chef) said he was so shocked that I actually got irony- he and Kevin (the other chef)’s ragging on me nonstop like. “You must have spent enough time in Britain.” I laughed and explained no, it was probably due to all the British comedies I’d watched back home.

I decided not to get into the mess of stereotyping Americans as having no sense of humor and then being shocked when one doesn’t fall into said stereotype, when stereotyping a people as large and diverse as Americans is pretty thick, even thicker than stereotyping a smaller people.

Next day after work, waiting for the taxi which took a fucking hour, I was getting all frustrated and figgity, and my Northeast thing was coming through big-time. These two guys who’d sat with us (me and Karen) were getting a total kick out of me. I told them what Joe had said and they said- “It’s because you live in Queens!”

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