Pat McCabe: “Call Me The Breeze”

He’s done it again. Wrote a novel that totally messed with my head, that is. It’s really quite astonishing: many writers only manage to master the creation of one universe. This dude, on the other hand, creates a totally different world in each of his novels (I’ve read most of them). Not only that, but they’re all convincing- even at their most absurd. The only common thread in his work I can see so far is that each created universe incorporates so much the mind of the main character, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what’s reality and what’s in the character’s (often disturbed) perception of reality. Not that it matters. I’m used to being confused, and have given up the desire to know exactly which reality I’m in whenever I read Pat McCabe. I give myself over to the story, to his artful (sometimes by being intentionally not) use of prose.


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