Amsterdam: Bike; Travel Ideals

It’s official, it’s happened, I almost got hit by an Amsterdam bike.

I crossed the street and he rounded the corner at the same time. He made no apparent move to swerve- the legend is true. This bloody cold makes me slow, which was good because I didn’t freak out, but rather hopped quickly as I could onto the sidewalk, pulling in my behind- still barely enough space for him to pass. But he did. Pass.

A woman walking by, smiled, probably, I thought, because of the cute way I avoided collision.

I can still hear classical music sometimes.

Can I live here, please?

Maybe travel is bad for me. Through it, I imagine myself living lives, so many lives, too many lives I can’t possibly live.

Though- maybe- it’s a good way to collect ideas and ideals, so when/if they all come together some day, I’ll know.

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