Amsterdam: Anne Frank-Huis, From The Outside

I wonder if there are people here who don’t know that this is here. It is nondescript enough- hidden, discreet, surrounded by buildings of the same persuasion- looking just like I thought it would. The only indication of this monument- a small wee sign next to the entrance- symetrically opposite “263”- “Anne Frank Huis”.

No brightly lit awning. No frilly archway. Just a small placard, no more than six inches by six inches.

I see some lights on inside and force myself back to the present.

There’s a cafe just next to it- its red-and-white awning almost touching the “263”.

I look into the water after hearing some ducks squeak. Maybe it’s the nasty cold I’m working on, but I don’t feel a whole lot. Not like I thought I would. (Maybe it’ll be different once I go inside.) I’m just confused.

How many buildings with the same historical significance go unnoticed, their existence not etched in stone, that we pass by every day?


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