On Journalling/Chronicling

I do need to write more. Chronicling my life. Like in Ardal O’Hanlon’s book, Francesca’s mission of recording the good, the bad, and the ugly. Why do we do it? Why not? I do it for myself as much as for others- others today in what I choose to share online and the others of tomorrow, who can appreciate this as a time capsule- a dated, timeless one. Dated as all timeless things are, and timeless as all dated things are. Because seeing yourself in those that came before you is a universal experience which everyone should be able to experience, in some form or another. Be it by the oral traditions and folklore of elders which Western society has all but lost, to my writing this right now, on this day- September 11, 2004 in this place, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, in this existence, that of a transported American “New Yorker” who sounds to many people like a Canadian. A “ginger”. With a grown-out buzz cut that struggles to find itself.


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