She was going to give me a haircut.

Vee: How much do you cost?
She: Head.
Vee: (some negative response)
She: Damnit. That never works.
Vee: You don’t want that from me, anyway. I’m no good. I tire out too easily. My condition and all.
She: (laughs; some immitation of me tiring out too easily)
Vee: Unless I’m drunk. Then I’m golden.
She: You can get me drunk.
Vee: No, I’d have to be drunk.
She: No, that’d be the pay.
Vee: Oh… (thinks about money)
She: It only takes one beer.
Vee: What kind of beer?
She: (coyly) What kind of beer?
Vee: I’m asking you.
She: (coyly) I’m asking you.


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