My Future In Political Theatre

Political theatre is where it’s at! I think political theatre, any political media/art, any of its various forms, is important and very effective. I love the idea of public intellectuals, of bringing complex academic and political ideas and ideals to the masses (it’s the communist in me), and I think to make it art/media/entertainment is that much more effective, because it draws people to it more. My time with the Mime Troupe really gave me insight into that- they are the ideal political theatre for the masses, with their very unconvoluted storylines and messages and free shows.

Aside from the idea that everything is political, I will probably always be doing political work. That is, it will be mindfully political, instead of just coincidentally political. Keeping in mind that everything I do will be political- because it inherently will be as well as the fact that I am inherently a political person- I will always keep my message and intention clear, even when I chose to do things that are not as political.

As far as form, my interests are many and varied. Clear and deliberate aesthetics will probably always be a big part of my work, as well as words, since I am first and foremost a writer. But it won’t be limited to words, since I see placing words on paper as a visual art as much as anything else. Therefore, my placement of words will carry over to my placement of set pieces, actors, energies, etc. on the stage. Not everything needs to be so deliberate- a lot of things just happen naturally, and that’s better, natural is always better, as far as I’m concerned- but… I don’t know, I think perhaps there will always be a deliberate “shell”.

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