Progressive Libertarianism & Thoughts On Political Thought, Etc.

What was I saying? Good political thought- and action- must be half philosophy and half economics (equal balance of left and right brain). Clearly, I have the philosophy down… Help in the economics, please?

“Progressive libertarianism”…
Is the eradication of classism possible with anything other than a purely, truly communist state?

– classism- heirarchy of any form- power structures, dominance, oppression”Free trade” he says. “True liberty.”
How can they co-exist?
(Without a drastic shift in human consciousness/evolution.)

– social versus political “liberty”
– ideology of a classless system!Do humans- at this stage- need power structures? Why?

– need for placement, security, status- even if low- surrender power.A.J.- “God’s creatures” (in God’s image/all his glory)
Me- “halfway there”

– more evolved AND more flawed than other living things
– What does it mean? An experiment gone wrong?Why do I care so much?
Why does it weigh on my mind so much?

– The Weight Of The World, indeed…Was I born to be conscious?
Are some people meant to be?
Because I honestly cannot understand people who have no concept of any of it…
And yet I am really bloody jealous of them.

– (Ignorance is bliss… indeed.)So, therefore- if I don’t make change (“be the change…”), will I constantly be miserable and contaminated, the weight of the world resting heavily and constantly and unforgivingly on my shoulders, my brain, my soul?

– Is that the cause of… everything?Will comedy provide me with the answers- or at least some, or one?

1. comedy
2. politics
3. beauty in other forms…If the Mime Troupe can work (and for so long!)… why not an island off the coast of Norway?

– “Commutarian communist commune- as long as it has ‘commu’ in it.”But now… progressive libertarianism as a PRACTICAL, LARGER alternative/solution? I had previously disregarded it as “socially liberal, economically conservative.” But Nish got me thinking.

– I should read The Economist.Political IS Personal
Personal IS Political
Political VS. Personal

VS.- Can they be opposing and interconnected?

– And yet… is there any other way to exist?”Chaotic order”
but no chaotic

– counterintuitive? seemingly…
– yin-yang-kinda-thing?But- what’s endfully frivolous and what’s endlessly powerful? Can we tell?

How can I possibly put faith in something so unrealistic?
A silly ideal…
And yet I find reform to be useless, in the long run.

Should I have an optimistic ideal as well as a pragmatic ideal?

– idealistic ideal
– pragmatic ideal
– pragmatic idealism
– cynicism
– national service?
– working within the system VS. against it.Oy… I think too much.
But- am I SUPPOSED to?


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