Sam Waterston & Whole Foods, Law & Order

A few months ago, Jessica saw Sam Waterston at the Whole Foods in Chelsea.
Yesterday, we were hanging out with a friend of hers, who also saw him there.
And that one of the cashiers there said, “Yea, he’s here a LOT…”

That put an image into my head of Sam Waterston living at Whole Foods, pulling down a Murphy bed somewhere in the back, just so he could get his fix (and believe me, I know that fix…) whenever he wanted.


Last night’s season finale of “Law & Order”- Jerry Orbach‘s last episode- was sad… maybe I’m being frivolous, but regardless, you get attached! It’s the end of an era.

Nish says they should take this opportunity to bring back Chris Noth. I say no! Bring back Angie Harmon! The show is in dire need of some non-blonde hotness right about now…

Seriously, though. Apparently Briscoe’s replacement is just another old white dude. I remember when they were trying to figure out which direction to go in in terms of replacement- another OWD (old white dude) or, perhaps, spice it up a bit with a younger woman of color. Or someone else in between the spectrum of power structure representations.

I’m against OWD for two reasons:

  1. the show certainly is diverse, probably the most diverse show in all of network tv (including the other L&O’s), but it wouldn’t hurt to push the envelope further, considering how much pull L&O has, it can do pretty much anything and still be in the institution it is.
  2. Trying to replace Briscoe’s character with another Briscoe-type character as opposed to going in an entirely new direction might just make people bitter, by forcing them to compare the two characters, and the new guy will always come up short, because Briscoe was around for so long, we knew him so well, yadda yadda. Know what I mean?

Ok, I’m done. :)
I never write about the Law & Order’s… I should do it more often. I certainly have enough material in my brain for it.


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