Stephen Colbert At The UCB Theatre

This past Monday, I saw Stephen Colbert at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, in Inside Joke, a live talk show.

Great show, he talked almost nonstop for about an hour. He was just a regular guy, chit-chatting, interacting with the audience, being of course very funny but in a genuine, natural way (unlike many other comedians when they do a talk show, they feel pressured and so their humor is often forced). I was a fan before, and after this show can consider him a comedic mentor.

One of the interesting things he talked about was his style (along with comedy partners Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello) of “making a statement, and then totally contradicting it in the next sentence” (or, at the end of the same sentence). Some examples were given from “Strangers With Candy”:

  • “You’re pushing me away!” “No! I’m pulling me toward myself.”
  • “It must be great to wish for the thing you hope to want.”
  • “Let him speak!” “Him who?” “Him me!”

He also talked about how the three of them constantly try new things, things they’ve never done before- and to such an intense degree. “Do the best at what you don’t know how to do.” Which to me seemed to go quite well with his aforementioned “style.”

He really made sense to me. Comedy doesn’t always have to make sense to make sense and be funny. Ya know?

But I must say, the very best thing about the show was the fact that because I was working there that night, I got in free and got a good view of a very sold-out show.
And this, so soon after seeing him “act straight” for the first time (for me, that is) on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”


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