Bruce McCulloch (Rocks My World)

I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through Bruce McCulloch’s web site.

He is amazing. His writing/spoken word is quite an inspiration to me, on a number of levels. He’s a comic genius, and manages to casually but potently inject into his work his own personal philosophy and perspective. He combines these two elements in such a way that his philosophy is oddly funny, while his comedy is oddly philosophical, and sometimes they each creep up on you in ways that are often unsettling.

Some of my favorite bits from his site:

“…I begin to put on my Easter Bunny costume and take out my bottle of Southern Comfort.” (Good Friday)

“When will I abstractly enjoy my life…like the people in beer commercials?” (First Heart Attack)

A great monologue of his from the “Kids In The Hall” TV show that gets me every time… Where Was The Love My Horoscope Promised?

And I highly recommend his 1995 CD “Shame-Based Man”, especially the song “Lift Me Up.”


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