Belle and Sebastian in Columbus

I must say that it was rather provident that Belle and Sebastian were playing in Columbus, considering the recent chain of events. And, of course, that it would be Rory who would accompany me and as a result inspire me to really commit to going. Initially, I was just going to maybe go, see if I could get a scalped ticket, and if not, or for past a reasonable amount of money, just hang out at a coffee shop or something while everyone else saw the show. I didn’t allow myself- past the initial reaction to knowing they’d be nearby- to get too excited about it. The main reason was because of money- that’s why I didn’t seek them out when they (and I) were in San Francisco.

But Rory’s excitement (she’d never seen them live) got me goin’. So we went. A bunch of us in the CG (Community Government) van. I was doing my whole delayed reaction excitement thing, and sure enough as soon as they hit the stage I was jumping around in my seat.

Like their last show I saw- last May in New York- they read my mind and played “Expectations” first. Not only the anthem for my high school experience, but the very song Rory and I were playing just before we left. And that was the first time I’d heard it in a long time.

After that song, a pumped Rory led us (me and her friend Cora) down to the floor. We stood in the house-right aisle, a mere 30 feet from some of the Most Amazing Musicians Ever. Quite a view, indeed. It was almost more than I could handle, the sheer beauty of it all. I had to confess. I leaned over and whispered to Rory, “Did I ever tell you that I’m madly in love with Stuart?”

She laughed, shook her head. “I think I am, too.” Oh, aren’t we all? He’s so… loveable.

Unfortunately, some fascist bully boy usher said we couldn’t stand there. We went back toward our crappy balcony seats but then psyched him out and went to the back of the floor and to this special area above and behind the main seats, reserved for the handicapped and VIP. But it was pretty empty and everyone was fine with it.

We proceeded to dance like maniacs (emo maniacs, I’m sure Rory would say, not like those indie rock nodders) for the next two hours. Ah, grandness. A lot of the songs I did not know because I don’t have their new CD, “Dear Catastrope Waitress.” But they still all rocked. And for the ones I did know I kept thinking, They’re playing all my favorites!

But- as I said to Rory- I’d probably say that about most of their stuff. Every one of their songs has a particular fascination, a particular trigger memory, a particular unidentifiable emotion evoked, whatnot. It’s all there, it’s all good, it’s all beautiful, it’s all love.

Do you know what the last song was? “Sleep the Clock Around,” of course! I had a religious experience. No really. Almost out-of-body. Dancing in the strobe lights with Rory and Cora around me I became one with the music, the lights, them, the other them, all of it, EVERYTHING. It was all there for me, I for it, we for each other. The beauty of the world was revealed to me in tones. I could see it around, it flooded me, through my ears and into my heart and out through my eyes and mouth and through every moving limb, every pulsating part of my body. It fed me, I expelled, we were one, it was orgasmic.

So, yea, I think I need to get their new CD.


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