quotes and a story

obligatory mime troupe story
a lot of people here are obsessed with krispy kremes. one day christian- one of the actors- and i drove down to the krispy kreme factory in daly city (just south of san francisco, which, if you haven’t been following, is where i’m living at the mo :)), got 2 dozen. back at work it was still lunch break and michael, the director, was taking a nap. moments after we came in he poked his head out of the blanket covering his upper half, sniffing the air. “thought that’d wake you up!” i said. “actually,” he replied, “i woke up on the words ‘krispy kreme.'”

ps. this is the first time i’ve mentioned christian. he rocks. check out his web site.

. . . .

obligatory michael quotes

“love’s ears are big.”

“all over him like chocolate on a malted ball.”

someone noted his son, zachary, on his lap:
“he’s trying to stand.”
“no, he’s trying to make sure he doesn’t have siblings.”

“there’s a woman here researching for her dissertation! and you’re sitting on each other! and kicking each other’s feet! and you’re wearing pajamas!”

“he’s getting a bigger tool.”
“yea, people say i should do that all the time.”

“the average stud is 26 inches?! i’m not even close!”

. . . .

obligatory miscellaneous quote

“you’re so colorful, i think i’m gonna have a seizure.”
christian, upon seeing my outfit


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