Greg Proops, or: Comedic And Political Inspiration On Steroids

So Thursday night we (Catriona and I) were off to see Greg Proops. It was at the Punchline, this ridiculously classy place downtown.

We got there early, so front row, woo hoo! Small stage, we were practically smelling their feet. The guy who opened for Prooples was Tony Camin, and he was great. Would love to see more of him.

And then it was the man. The Proop-meister. Proop dawg, what what! Word. He rocked. He’s so belligerent, it’s fantastic. It made my goal of getting really good at reaming people that much more defined. I would love to be able to go at it with him. He didn’t pick on anyone in the audience- if he had, it may well have been us, we were so close and all. I was hoping he would and hoping he wouldn’t. I would want to get wittier first. ;)

I was surprised at how political his act was. I mean, any comedian with any sort of sense is going to take advantage of this absolutely hilarious political climate, but this guy is obviously some kind of Commie. The last half of his act was ripping the Bush administration a new asshole. He was very well researched. Really good obscure shit that the masses simply don’t know about! And the yuppie audience was eating it up. Now that’s the way to be subversive! Kick people in the ass and educate them without them even realizing it!

I was inspired not only comedicly but politically. Which is destined to happen this entire summer. Hooray! I’m on the way. I can’t wait until I actually start getting some constructive ideas for my own shit.


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