i’m not a liberal. i uphold socialist ideals.

a (republican) friend called me “a bleeding heart liberal.”

to which i replied:

i’m not a liberal. i uphold socialist ideals. there is a difference. ;)

the difference is, at least in my view: i personally believe that the world would fare better under certain economic and political systems that are not in place, but that such economic and political systems are only good in theory and would never work in practice (as has been supported by times when such systems “were” in place). (i put “were” in parenthesis because they were put into place for different objectives than were intended, and thus were butchered beyond recognition.)

not only that, but i know that what is good for me may not be good for everyone, and that there are as many different perspectives and ways of living as there are people, and as such i don’t claim to know all the answers or that my “politics” are the right way for everyone to live.

and so–i personally identify with marxist/communist theory/philosophy. i dig it! i think it’s got a lot of good points and one day i would like to live a socialist communal living situation or something. one that is completely voluntary on the part of all participants. nothing more. i would not want to see a national communist government in place again, nor would i want to live in one, because if not everyone wants it, it completely defeats the (theoretical) purpose.

in terms of my perspective on current politics (the “real world”): i stay out of it as much as possible. i consider myself extremely neutral–if not completely ambiguous–often to the point of not caring what happens. this is for several reasons. 1) as mentioned, what i believe “should be” is not true for everyone; 2) there are multiple realities and biases and i can’t possibly know (or disregard) them all–hence, how could i take a stance for or against something when i think the other side’s got a good lot to say?; and 3) time and history have a way of working things out for themselves without the interferences of uneducated individuals such as myself. ;)

in terms of the war: as a rule, i’m not terribly keen and all, because in additional to socialism i think that nonviolence and nonviolent direct action are much better ways to go about bringing peace and harmony to the world. but again–i could be wrong, who knows? not me, that’s for damn sure.


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