Review: Celery and Peanut Butter

I love celery. And I love peanut butter. And, in the words of Janis Joplin: “Combination of the Two.” Absolutely dreamy. Beautiful. ART.

The tangy snap of the celery. The sweet stickiness of the peanut butter. (Yes, unfortunately, I use the generic peanut butter bought in bulk from BJ’s; the all-natural kind is out of my budget for how much I consume.) It brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy and of yearning. So I take another bite, barely before the last has retreated from my mouth to the depths of my body and soul where it will be nourished and caressed as it deserves for serving me so well. The new bite rests in my mouth momentarily before I begin to chew. I wonder at its shape: curved and ridged. I turn it over: soft and giving, surrounded by that tough protective shell. I take a bite. CRUNCH. It is art. It is life. It is a nutritious and satisfying between-meal snack (or appetizer!) that satisfies one’s perpetual sweet tooth if you go cheap like me and use the sugary peanut butter. Overall, I’d give it two thumbs up if one thumb wasn’t occupied with a beautifully thick, round, and inviting stalk of light green goodness filled with creamy and gushing light brown goodness.

Next week: celery and cream cheese.


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