From RI Drama to OH Drama–and HOW!

jacked up the hat
back in the flat
smack in the fat
lack in the sat
oh no not that
not me
can’t you see
you make it hard for me
to continue to be
it’s simple psychology
you torture me
oh baby please
jealously we make
all ideals are fake
curlin like a snake
break out the cake
bake in the lake
together we forsake
the love of the nape
of your neck

. . . .

in three seconds flat
how about that
dream like a cat
when days collapse
have a relapse
end it perhaps
nothing but stare
oh what a pair
what we share
seems like a snare
out to catch
me in the next batch
quick and fast
I sail at half mast
movin slow
waitin for you to go
call the next shot

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