Vee’s Antioch Adventures


Yay! That’s right–San Francisco, here I come! I got that email from Peggy, the Troupe’s general manager, offering me the position of Assistant Stage Manager. Woo hoo! Don’t I rock?! I was elated for the rest of the night until the realization that this term would probably just be spent waiting for April (I’ll be there from the end of April until the beginning of September). I’m not very invested in this term at the moment–that will change, hopefully, as studies get more interesting (which, hopefully, they will!).


So for work stuff–I’m in charge of the “Arts And Creative” section of our school’s paper, as well as a photographer, writer, whatever else they need me to do/what I want to do. The section basically collects writings, artwork, photography, and other random creative stuff to publish in the paper. No one has submitted anything yet, so the filler’s going to have to be my and the editor’s stuff until people do!


While PMSing, I decided I didn’t want my hair anymore. So it’s gone. All gone! Buzzed down to a half an inch, at best. Pictures to come soon…


In better news, since there’s a lot of new people on campus back from co-op, I’ve been making some new friends. I’m shying away from the social thing so not too much yet, but some of the girls in my hall and I have been having some good conversations. It helps me a lot to get over my prejudice against young people. This place both reinforces and challenges that prejudice on different days, different occasions, and different moods.


There’s a coffee shop on campus called the C-Shop (how clever) and I’m going to sell my Magical Hot Cocoa there. It’s magical because it’s all-natural and much better than any packaged mix you can get. It’s made with unsweetened cocoa and turbinado sugar. And milk. Oh yes, the milk. Not water!! Milk. It’s fantastic. And I’ll make quite a profit if this goes well! Which is good because I definitely need the money for San Francisco!


Classes have been going pretty well. No classes yesterday because of the holiday. It’s felt like so long since Friday, it’ll be difficult to get back into the swing of things again. Especially since I’m still getting back into the swing of things from that term break. Bah. Ah well–it’s all good. My mind’s a bit scrambled right now but it’s bound to get better. The prospect of San Francisco will keep me sane even when times like these when all I want to do is become a recluse!


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