Vee’s Antioch Adventures

Of course it feels like a helluva lot longer than a week since I came back into town on Monday. But alas, since it’s Sunday, it’s clearly been just that–a week! I was hungover on the flight–6 pints of Guinness and 4 hours of sleep will do that to one–so that was a lot of fun. My friend Leonor picked me up from the airport, and by the time we got back to campus the caf was closed. I dropped my stuff off in my room–it was so strange to be back, I kept thinking I was still in RI–and went to the tavern for food. I got a pint of Guinness, of course, and we split a bunch of random things.The next day was Open House, where you go and get syllabi and talk to professors and register for classes. I had pre-registered at the end of last term so I just went to get syllabi. These are the classes I am talking:

–Women Playwrights
—Voice and Speech
—General Psychology
—Language, Linguistics, and Language Acquisition

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